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This page links to a readers' forum for those who would like to pose questions or offer comments on The Yaro Tales. (For now, that means  Through the Eyes of a Stranger,  but eventually to include a sequel: In The Larger House.)  Responses can either be directed to the author or each other - after all, I don't have all the answers, and would like to hear yours. I (Will Bonsall) have no intention of culling controversial responses; indeed I welcome and seek them. I only reserve the privilege of deleting redundant material (if 50 people write that "the story stinks", I just might leave the most articulate one, with a note that "Forty-nine others agreed with her").  I personally prefer the adversarial comments , even if I don't have an adequate answer. How else do we develop our reasoning without the baffle of dissent? I also reserve the right to delete material which is patently offensive (not to me but to the general public), and to delete or prune responses which are unreasonably lengthy or redundant.

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