Welcome to The Yaro Tales!

This website is designed to supplement the book Through the Eyes of a Stranger, Book I of The Yaro Tales, by Will Bonsall.  A sequel, In the Larger House, Book II of The Yaro Tales, is still in the works. At this site you will find, among other things, a full-size, full-colour version of the map of Esperia. This is also found at the beginning of the book, where it is shown on four pages in black-and-white (the only way the publisher could deal with it). Although it is copyrighted, you have the author's permission to download  the map,  print it, make a poster or anything else that would add to your enjoyment of the book.

It is the author's intent to add other features over time, including a page where readers can share questions and comments with the author or with each other.  The book was never conceived as a great work of literature, nor yet a manifesto or panacea for the ills of modern global civilization. Rather it hopes to contribute some thoughts on the nature of sustainable culture (not such a modest goal at that) and to suggest one (only one) possible version of what such a society might look like. If these ideas beget a storm of objections and counter-suggestions, it should be deemed a great success.

There are many other works of this general  ilk, most of which I have not read, but I would particularly direct the reader's attention to a series of books by Daniel Quinn, including Ishmael and its successors. They share some of the same assumptions about the central role of mythology (which The Yaro Tales refer to as "mythic vision") in how a culture functions or dysfunctions.

For anyone trying to find Through the Eyes of a Stranger, you can buy (signed) copies directly from me, the author  (Will Bonsall, 39 Bailey Rd., Industry, ME o4938), or on-line from the publisher (www.xlibris.com; ph.888-795-4274 ext. 7876). If your local bookstore doesn't carry it, ask them why not.  Soft cover $19.99; hard cover $29.99.